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"Coming up with something new and unique is not an easy task. I wanted the look and feel of my guitars to be vintage and timeless, but the instruments themselves very modern and cutting edge. I hope you enjoy my guitars as much as I do."

Dan Neafsey

DGN Custom Guitars, located in Southern CT, is a small one man shop run by Master Luthier Dan Neafsey.  Since 2010, Dan has been building the highest quality hand made custom guitars for discriminating clients around the world.


"Each part of the build process is done in house from wood selection to the finish and final setup.  I use many 'old school' building methods combined with new ideas in guitar construction that result in incredibly lively toneful and comfortable instruments.  There is no CNC here!!!  Owning a DGN is like having the best of both worlds.  The amazing playability and versatility of a modern instrument with tons of vintage vibe."


If you are looking for something different, something you can't buy off the shelf, something better, call or click to discuss the custom handmade instrument you have always dreamed of.


DGN Custom Guitars is also a full service repair shop for any and all of your stringed instrument repair needs.  Click Here for info and pricing.


In addition to custom guitars and repair work, I am fortunate to be able to get out and play live music in the CT music scene and beyond. 

Check out my band, The Juicy Grapes!!!  www.TheJuicyGrapes.com                                                  Connect with The Juicy Grapes on Facebook


Click Here for a list of my current and past clients


DGN Custom Guitars is a proud partner of

DGN Custom Guitars handles the restoration and maintenance of the display instruments as well as having a hand in the design and construction of interactive exibits.  We also built the "Rock-Ock", an 8 necked instrument, one of the museums center piece exhibits.