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Frequently Asked Questions for Custom Guitar Builds



Do your guitars come left handed?


Yes, every DGN Custom Guitar from the Paragon to the Imperial is available in a left handed version.  There is absolutely NO upcharge for a left handed DGN Custom Guitar.


  Are there other pickups available besides DGN Pickups?


No. (Sorry) All DGN Custom Guitars come with our machine wound pickups installed.  We have spent years on our recipes and are extrememly pround of our pickups.  We stand behind them 100% and so do some of the most respected players on the the scene today.


What is the average turnaround time on my custom guitar order?


The approximate turnaround for a custom build is currently 6-8 months.  There are many factors that can shorten or extend this time such as the size of my repair backlog at any given time, weather for finishing etc.  I am a one man shop and always do my best to get jobs done in a timely fashion.


What woods are available?


The standard woods I work with are Honduran Mahogany, Spanish Cedar, Black Limba, White Limba (korina), Eastern/Western Maple, Figured Redwood, Ebony, Wenge and Rosewood.  Occasionally I have some extra special woods available for bodies necks and tops.  Please inquire.  If you have something in mind, I will do my best to find a certain type of wood.  With the constantly varying state of wood suppliers I cannot guarantee that I can get any particular type of wood, but I will do my best.  Non-standard woods are priced accordingly.


What type of strings do your guitars come with?


I proudly use D’Addario Strings on all of my instrumnets.  Made here in the good ole’ USA, I have found no other string to match in consistency of quality and tone (believe me, I've tried them all).  Every set is exaclty like the last.