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From simple setups to complex electronics, fretwork and modifications, I have well over 10 years of experience in the repair and restoration of stringed instruments.  Bring your prized stringed instrument to someone with the knowledge and experience to get the job done right, the first time. 

I service, repair and restore - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, Dobro, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Ukulele, Zither, Harp, Harp Guitar, Lute, and more or less anything with strings out of my Fairfield CT shop.

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Labor per hour - $90 Minimum bench charge - $40

Because of the vast variety of strings available for music instruments, strings for repair work are not included in the pricing below.  We are a dealer for D'Addario Strings and have strings for most musical instruments in stock at all times.

Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars

Setups and Fretwork

Electric Setup (Standard Bridge) - $65.00
Electric Setup (Floating and Locking Bridge) - $75.00
Acoustic Setup - $65.00, 12-string $75.00
Bass - $65.00

Fret Level - $90.00
Complete Re-Fret - $300.00 includes setup
Partial Refret - $27.00 per fret, setup required


Magnetic Pickup Install - $45.00 per pickup
Acoustic Pickup Install - $90.00
Other Pickups - $50 and up
Replace Poteniometer or Jack - $45.00 
Complete Re-Wire - $90.00 - $180.00
Custom Electronics - Per Hour Rate

Other Repairs

New Nut Bone - $55.00
New Nut Other Material - $55
New Saddle Bone - $45.00
New Saddle Other Material - $45

Head Stock Repair - $120.00 and up
Crack Repair - $90.00 and up
Re-Glue Braces - $35.00 each
Acoustic Bridge Re-Glue - $65.00 requires setup
Neck Set - $250.00 includes setup


Folk Instrument Repairs


Setup - $65.00
Head Replacement - $45.00 requires setup
Railroad Tie Install For 5th string - $10 per
New Bone Nut - $50.00


Setup - $65.00
Bone Nut - $60.00
Crack Repair - $90.00 and up

Resonator Guitar

Setup (for slide or regular) - $65.00
Install New Cone - $45.00 plus the cost of cone, requires setup
Custom Bone Nut for Slide - $55.00


Traditional and Orchestral Instruments

Please inquire for your particular repair needs.

Instrument Re-Finishing and Touchup

Music instrument refinishes and touchups are taken on a case by case basis depending on current backlog of repairwork.  The average turnaround for any finish work is 8-12 weeks+.  Please inquire about your specific refinishing needs.

Full Instrument Refinish - $600 and up

Sprayed Touchup as part of a repair - $180 and up


If you don't see your particular repair need listed here, please call or email for more info.