The Rock Ock - 8 Neck Guitar




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The Rock Ock

The worlds largest fully playable multi-necked stringed instrument.

Yes, we get it, its crazy.  Thats the point!!!


Designed by Gerard Huerta and handmade by Dan Neasfey of DGN Custom Guitars, The Rock Ock was commissioned by The Nation Guitar Museum as an over-the-top center piece for the traveling exhibit, "Guitar: The Instrument That Rocked The World".

From top to bottom the Rock-Ock includes: Mandolin, Tenor Uke, 6-String Guitar, Fretless Bass, Fretted Bass, 12-String Guitar, Baritone Guitar, and last but not least 7-String Guitar.

154 - Frets

51 - Strings

40 - Pounds

8 - Necks

1 -  Instrument

Yes, we know it's absolutely ridiculous and completely over the top.  That's the point!!

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Dan Neafsey, owner of DGN Custom Guitars, with the hard rock band Biohazard doing some last minute tweaks before a taping at Fuse TV in NYC.  These guys were cool to hang with.  They loved the Rock-Ock and had a blast playing it.