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The Paragon Standard is the flagship model for DGN Custom Guitars.  For as long as I can remember, the classic single cutaway guitar has always been my favorite.  Although as the years passed I found there was much room for improvement on this old design.  After years of trial and error (lots of error) the Paragon Standard Semi-Hollow was born. 

The Paragon is a modernized upgraded version of those classic late 50's iconic guitars.  Weight always seems to be an issue, so I decided to come up with a semi-hollow guitar that sounds like a solid body, but doesn't have the weight of a solid body.  Our proprietary interior cavities allow for material removal without sacrificing structural integrity or tone.  The Paragon also features a sculpted heel area that allows for unbelievable upper fret access.  Seriously, you'll wish you had more frets.  Also, our headstock angle is 10* which allows for longer grain run out which equates to a much stronger headstock area.  We hate to think of one of our guitars taking a tumble, but we are happy to know that the chances are much higher of it surviving a fall without a break. 

All Paragon Standards feature a beautifully carved Maple or Redwood top that takes its styling cues from the late 50's.  As a matter of fact, all of my carved top Paragon line guitars have the same exact top carve.  There is a subtle hand formed recurve in every top that will take you back to the golden era.

All DGN Custom Guitars come with a set of our machine wound pickups.  Each set is wound to exacting standards right in our shop.  Choose from Tru-PAF, Tru-Split, Vintage Style Soapbar P-90 or Bendy Set Soapbar P-90.

The Paragon Standard is available in Solid, and Fully Hollow versions as well as the original time tested Semi Hollow version.

The Solid version gives you those classic sustaining woody single cutaway rock tones ideal for everything from Hard rock to Blues.

The Semi Hollow body is very resonant and airy while retaining a strong solid body tone.

The Fully Hollow has a supporting center block under the bridge and is a super resonant small bodied tone monster ideal for all styles of music from Jazz to Rock. 

There are simply too many finish options to list.  We can do most standard and non standard finishes within reason.  We can also help guide you in the process of finding the color or style that you are thinking of. 




Paragon Standard Specs

Body - Spanish Cedar, Black/White Limba aka Korina

Neck - Spanish Cedar, Black/White Limba (1 Piece Quarter Sawn)

Top - Eastern PA Maple, Western Maple, Redwood

Fretboard - Wenge, Indian Rosewood

Bridge - Graphtech Wrap, Kluson ABR-1/Stoptail

Tuners - Vintage Kluson, Kluson Locking

Hand Cut Bone Nut

Scale - 24.562"

Pickups - DGN True-PAF Humbuckers, DGN True-Split Humbuckers, DGN VIntage Soapbar P-90's


Paragon Standard Pricing

Solid Body - $3495

Semi-Hollow - $3995

Full Hollow - $4495