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The Imperial represents the top of the DGN Custom Guitars line and is the culmination of over 10 years of custom building and repair work.  

With its fully hollow construction the tone is huge.  Every note has a fatness and a snap to it that you simply cannot get from a solid body or semi-hollow guitar.  The concept of the Imperial is simple.  Build a fully hollow guitar that can cover lots of ground from Jazz to Rock, that is stable to play at loud gig volumes.  

The Imperial is a hybrid construction guitar.  What these means is the back, or the body, is carved and then hollowed from a single block of spanish cedar, and the top is a traditionally carved and parallel braced archtop style top.  The top is able to vibrate and move just like a traditional archtop guitar, but the back, being much thicker is very stable and resists vibrating out of control at high sound pressures.  This conbination give you a guitar that is controllable at any volume.  You can get everything from a very smooth round and full Jazz guitar tone all the way to a searing sustaining overdrive tone all from one instrument.  





Imperial Specs

Body - Spanish Cedar (Full Hollow)

Neck - Spanish Cedar (1 Piece Quarter Sawn) or Maple 3 Piece Laminated

Top - Claro Walnut, Redwood, Spruce, Maple

Fretboard - Wenge or Ebony

Bridge - Custom Aluminum Saddle on a wooden base

Tuners - Vintage Kluson, Sperzel Locking

Hand Cut Bone Nut

Scale - 24.625"

Pickups - DGN True-PAF Humbuckers, DGN True-Split Humbuckers, DGN VIntage Dogear P-90's