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Kalos (kay-los) - A Greek attribute meaning "Beautiful inside and Out."



This model started as a crazy idea I had years ago.  It took the collaborative effort of DGN Guitars and Mihali Savoulidis of the Vermont based band Twiddle to bring it to life.  After several months of design and construction, we are proud to introduce to you - The Kalos.

Quite simply, the Kalos is a small body fully hollow double cutaway guitar.  In reality, it is so much more....

To start off, the body of the Kalos, or soundbox, is built using a modern style of archtop construction.  Traditional archop guitars feature sides that are bent using heat or steam with kerfing and blocks at the neck joint and end pin area to create a ledge wide enought to support the top and back.  In most cases these sides are very thin and the soundbox overall is very fragile.  With the Kalos, I took a very different approach.  The body of the Kalos was designed and built around a laminated solid maple rim assembly.  The top and back are set into, not on top of, the rim assembly resulting in a sound box that is increadibly strong and most importantly very resonant with less glue joints connecting everything together. The other huge advantage to a top and back that are set into the rim assembly is the body doesn't require a binding edge to protect the fragile glue joint between the top/kerfing/sides. Instead, the edge of the body can be heavily rounded resulting in a guitar that in increadibly comfortable to play in both standing and sitting positions. 

The necks on the Kalos are all laminated 3 piece eastern figured maple and feature the new for 2016 large DGN headstock.  Standard is a low profile 2 way truss rod to keep the neck straight as and arrow no matter the thickness.  The fingerboard wood of choice is Wenge with our new small block mother of pearl inlay standard.

The top and back wood has a profound effect on the overall tone of this instrument.  A Cocobolo or Rosewood type top gives the Kalos a cutting almost nastily upper mid bite.  Throw a little (or a lot) of overdrive on it and you are guaranteed to cut through the mix like a knife.  Single notes have a very distinct fatness and clarity towards the brighter side of the spectrum without ever being harsh.  A Redwood or Spruce top gives the Kalos acoustic like properties.  The overall feel of the guitar leans towards the mid to lower mid of the spectrum.  Full strummed chords are huge sounding and single notes are full and snappy.  A Walnut top ends up somewhere right in the middle of those choices.

The Kalos is available with DGN True-PAF Humbuckers w/ Series/Parallel switching option, DGN Tru-Split Coil Tap optimized humbuckers or our Vintage Style Dog Ear P-90's.  Also new for 2016 is a DGN Hand Built vintage style onboard blaster option.

The Kalos Lion - Built for Mihali Savoulidis


The Kalos

Top/Back - Cocobolo, Redwood, Maple, Spruce (Inquire for Exotic Options)
Rim Assembly - Eastern Figured Maple 4 Piece Laminated
Neck - 3 Piece Laminated Eastern Figured Maple
Fingerboard - Wenge (Inquire for more options)
DGN Tru-PAF, DGN Tru-Split, DGN Vintage Dog Ear P-90
Optional Vintage Style Blaster