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Here at DGN Custom Guitars, we have been winding pickups since the beginning.  What started as a necessity, turned into an obsession - The search for the perfect P.AF. style humbucking pickup.  

Back in the beginning all of our pickups were hand wound.  Although they sounded very good, there was still something missing and consistency from one set to the next was difficult to achieve.  The need for higher quality control sparked the search for a coil winding machine that would serve my purposes.  Enter: Vintage Bachi AutoTraverse Coil Winding Machine from the 60's.  After much trial and error, machining of custom parts to fit my machine and some late night reverse enginerring  I reached the sound that I heard in my head.

 Now I'm proud to finally share my DGN Humbucking Pickups with the world.  I'm currently winding 2 versions of my vintage style humbuckers, DGN Tru-PAF and Tru-PAF-LW.  These are a standard output wind and a low output wind respectively.  

Give your instrument a tonal upgrade with a set of  DGN Tru-PAF or DGN Tru-PAF-LW today!!!!


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The check out price already reflects the discount.  Standard pricing is $275.00 no cover, $300.00 Nickel Cover and $350.00 for Gold Cover. 

The Standard Wind Tru-PAF pickup is our take on the classic late 1959 P.A.F style pickups.  Having been fortunate to work on and listen to countess great examples of vintage pickups, this set was modeled after some of my absolute favorites.  Its got a medium output with a nice mid push when plugged straight into any amp.  There is also great clarity and bite on the bridge pickup without it becoming harsh.  The neck is full and clear without becomeing muddy and the middle position is chimey heaven.

The Low Wind Tru-PAF-LW pickup is a slightly modified version of our standard Tru-PAF.  The 1957 era P.A.F.'s come to mind.  This pickup set is approximately 8% lower output than the standard set and is really optimized for those who run pedals.  The lower output does't muddy up the front of the signal chain and this equates to much more clarity.  Overdrive pedals sing clearer, heavy distortion is clear and articulate and modulation effects don't get muddy.  If you run multiple pedals, this is the set for you!!


All DGN Humbuckers are made with the highest quality parts available including: USA Made #42 Plain Enamel wire, Butyrate Bobbins, USA Made Rough Cast AlNiCo 5 Magnets, USA Made Steel Slugs and Screw Poles, Nickel Silver Covers and Nickel Silver Base Plates.


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DGN Tru-PAF Standard Wind - 7.6k Neck, 8.1k Bridge

Rough Cast AlNiCo 5 Magnet

Cover/Color Options

DGN Tru-PAF Low Wind - 7.0k Neck, 7.6k Bridge

Rough Cast AlNiCo 5 Magnet

Cover/Color Options