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I am a huge fan of Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead and have been for a very long time.  Altough Jerry had a laundry list of guitars he played, including some great vintage and custom pieces, hands down my absolute favorite of every one is the Wolf.  

The Terrapin is my tribute to Jerry Garcia and his Wolf guitar.  The construction and materials used in this guitar are spot on to the original.  First off, the guitar is a neck through design which features laminates of highly figured Maple and Purple Heart, 5 plys total.  Second, the wings of the body are each 11 pieces of wood all made with Maple and Purple Heart veneer, a Purple Heart core, and capped off with an insane Quilted Maple top and back.  

All of the brass and aluminum metal work is custom made in house as well as the Unity Gain buffer which is a key component in the tone of this guitar.   

Future Terrapin guitars will feature a Terrapin inlay where the infamous Dire Wolf inlay is on Jerry's original guitar.  




Terrapin Specs

Neck - 5 Ply Highly Figured Maple and Purple Heart

Body - 11 ply Semi-Hollow Wings Quilted Maple, Maple and Purple Heart

Fingerboard - Ebony with Vintage Banjo Style Inlay

Pickups - DGN True-Split Humbuckers, Custom set of 3

Custom Hand Made Unity Gain Buffer Circuit made to original Tiger Guitar Specs

On Board Effects Loop (optional)

Custom Hand Made Brass and Aluminum Parts

Schaller Tuners 

Gotoh Nashville Tune-o-Matic Bridge

Ebony Knobs