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DGN Custom Guitars is Southern CT's premier shop for vintage instrument repair and restoration.  We are capabile of handling most common repairs as well as in depth complicated restoration work.  Don't trust your valuable vintage instrument with just any shop.  From player instruments to Mint Collector pieces we have seen and worked on it all.  High End References available upon request.

Did you just recently make a high end vintage purchase?  Bring your instrument to DGN Custom Guitars for full setup, cleaning, evaluation, and appraisal.  Unsure of your recent purchase?  Bring your guitar in for a full evaluation including dating and verification of electronics and other parts.

Call or email to make a one on one private appointment for your valuable vintage guitar.

Pricing for vintage and valuable instrument repairs are quoted on a case by case basis depending on the work required.  Generally the pricing is in line with standard repair pricing but there are some exceptions.  Please email for more info.


Here are a few examples of guitars that have come through the shop in the past.

1959 Gibson ES-355.

 This guitar was in for a full refret, new bone nut, and a full setup.  It was authenticated as 100% original condition, with minor damage around the truss rod cavity.  A rare piece with some of the best PAF's I have ever heard, this is a stellar example of an ES guitar from 1959.

1955 Fender Esquire.

 This was a very clean 100% original example of a mid 50's Fender at its finest.  It just needed a setup and some TLC.  A fantastic player with a killer sounding pickup.  The only real issue was 2 extra holes in the original pickguard.

1959 Fender Stratocaster.

 This 100% original Strat was a fantastic guitar and one of the best sounding vintage strats to ever cross my bench.  There was a lot of rust on both the tuners and bridge and the electronics needed major cleaning.  All of the original parts of the bridge and the tuners were restored to perfect working condition.

1953 Gibson Les Paul.

This '53 Les Paul has had a tough life.  At some point it was converted to '57 specs with a conversion to humbuckers, but retained most of its original electronics.  The guitar also had a refinish on the back but the Gold Top is original.  The plastic is from Crazy Parts and the pickups were supplied by the customer.  This guitar was in for a full ReFret, new era correct style nut and electronics repair.  The original Bridge volume pot was damaged beyond repair, so a replacement part, from '53 was found and installed.  All in all this was a solid player guitar with tons of vintage vibe and mojo.  

1954 Martin 00-18

These old Martin Mahogany guitars are some of the best sounding acoustics period. The downside to all mahogany guitars is they do require a bit more maintanence than your standard spruce toppped guitar.  This one came in from a long tour back and forth across the US with several side/back cracks and one large top crack.  While it was in, it was also re-fretted.